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After six successful previous editions NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute, and ISO/TC 158 “Analysis of gases” have started the organization of the 7th international Gas Analysis Symposium & Exhibition (GAS2013). The 7th edition of GAS will take place from 5 to 7 June 2013; venue will again be Beurs WTC-Rotterdam, the Netherlands. More information will become available via Below you will find a review on GAS2011. Already interested in participation in GAS2013 (lecture, exhibition, sponsor, poster)? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to We look forward to meeting you (again) at GAS2013.

GAS2011: review

The 6th international Gas Analysis Symposium & Exhibition (GAS2011) took place from 9 to 11 February 2011. Location for this edition was again Beurs-WTC Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


"TIme flies when you are having fun." These are the words Jarno Dakhorst from NEN said when starting his concluding speech of GAS2011. Three days of symposium with high quality lectures and an exhibition with a broad variety of companies in the field of gas analysis raced by. Over 220 attendees representing almost 30 nationalities worldwide (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America) could choose from about 60 lectures and visit 25 exhibitors to exchange knowledge and meet new contacts. 


Rob Wessel, chair of ISO/TC 158, opened GAS2011. In his opening speech, he presented the work of ISO/TC 158, highlighted some work items of this technical committee, and emphasised the benefits of international standards. He concluded with the invitation to the audience to join ISO/TC 158 and help to improve the existing standards and develop new standards in the interest of the gas analysis community.  


The jury for the best lecture award had a tough job as many lectures were qualified for the best lecture award. As there could be only one winner, the jury awarded Joële Viallon from BIPM with her lecture entitled "Dynamic generation of formaldehyde standards by permeation tubes: Performance evaluation using FTIR and cavity ringdown spectroscopy techniques".


ISO/TC 158

ISO/TC 158 is the technical committee under ISO, the international standardization organisation, involved with the analysis of gases. Effectively, it prepares written standards as tools. These allow controlled preparation of calibration gases and gas mixtures by metrological institutes and (calibration) gas suppliers. This is an ongoing process, as the technical possibilities and the market needs increase in time. More information could be obtained in the factsheet below or from the ISO website. Of course, you could also contact the ISO/TC 158 Secretariat if you would like to receive more information.



For highlights of GAS2011, you can watch the photo video (no sound).


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